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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The Movie

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Six teenagers Tommy, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky and Aisha have discovered the power to fight the forces of evil. A giant egg is unearthed in Angel Grove. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa investigate the egg, and release t...

Power Rangers Wild Force [25] Reinforcements From The Future – Part 2

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The other Time Force Rangers arrive from the future, bringing Ransik and Nadira with them. They track down the Mutorgs, and Ransik manages to destroy their mutant halves. This allows the 12 Rangers to destroy the trio.

Power Rangers Samurai [14] Team Spirit

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While the Rangers, minus Emily are decorating for Emily's birthday, Splitface a Nighlok, who steals spirits, attacks the city. Splitface, easily takes down Mike, Antonio, Mia, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily. The Nighlok the...

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive [1-2] – Kick Into Overdrive

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Ep1: Explorer Andrew Hartford finds the crown of the Corona Aurora, an extremely powerful artifact which, when reunited with its five missing jewels, could be used for good or evil. However when he inadvertently awake...

Power Rangers Wild Force [40] The End Of The Power Rangers – Part 2

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The Wild Zords return from the dead, along with other Wild Zords of the world, and destroy Master Org with an Ultra Roar.

Power Rangers Wild Force [34] Forever Red

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Cole and 9 other Red Rangers from previous series unite to destroy the remaining Machine Empire.

Power Rangers Wild Force [24] Reinforcements From The Future – Part 1

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Wes and Eric track down three Mutorgs from the future to Turtle Cove, where they team up with Wild Force to battle them. The Rangers are greatly overpowered, and only with the intervention of Jen are they able to escape.

Power Rangers Mystic Force [32] Mystic Fate – Part 2

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Nick, not willing to give up, fights Black Lance, destroying him with the other Rangers. The Master then arrives, spitting out a dead Daggeron and Leanbow. The Master then devours time until they are in the future, a ...

Power Rangers SPD [38] Endings – Part 2

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The Rangers are freed from Gruumm's ship, and Cruger is left to deal with Gruumm by himself. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Omni unleashes his wrath. The rangers defeat Omni with the S.W.A.T Megazord but Gruumm survives; i...

Power Rangers Wild Force [39] The End Of The Power Rangers – Part 1

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Master Org attacks the Rangers with his new form. He destroys all the Wild Zords, and the Rangers' powers.

Power Rangers Mystic Force [01] Broken Spell – Part 1

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In the small town of Briarwood, an unexpected earthquake releases a group of evil creatures from captivity. The sorceress Udonna recruits five teenagers to help fight these monsters and destroy them for good. While Vi...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [01-02] Day Of The Dino

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Former Veteran Power Ranger Tommy Oliver takes a teaching job at the city of Reefside years after escaping from an ordeal with the evil reptilian monster Mesogog, and is assigned to look after three detention students...

Power Rangers SPD [37] Endings – Part 1

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The traitorous A-Squad capture Commander Cruger and call out the B-Squad, who meet their counterparts for an intense battle. Meanwhile, Broodwing makes his final push for domination and gathers an army to attack the D...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [32] Thunder Storm – Part 2

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As Cam, Hunter and Blake venture into the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their lost powers, the evil Wind Rangers challenge the Rangers to a rematch. Just as both teams are about to morph, Cam and the Thunder Rangers appea...

Power Rangers SPD [35] Wormhole

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Gruumm decides to take drastic measures to stop the Rangers once and for all by travelling through a wormhole 21 years into the past, where S.P.D. doesn't exist. Upon realizing what Gruumm has done, the B-Squad pursue...

Power Rangers Wild Force [01] Lionheart

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Somewhere in the wilderness, a young man named Cole leaves a tribe to search for his past. In the city of Turtle Cove, four Rangers are battling two powerful orgs, but are outmatched. The orgs leave, and Alyssa commen...

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue [29] Trakeena’s Revenge – Part 1

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Trakeena returns to destroy Earth as vengeance for her defeat at the hands of the Lost Galaxy Rangers, but first, she must absorb enough human life force for power. The Lost Galaxy Rangers travel to Earth to team up w...

Power Rangers Jungle Fury [01] Welcome To The Jungle – Part 1

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Theo, Lily, and rookie Casey, members of the secretive kung fu academy Pai Zhuq (Order of the Claw), are chosen to become the latest guardians of the ancient imprisoned spirit, Dai Shi. However, Jarrod, who was reject...

Power Rangers Zeo [49] Good As Gold

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Jason after fighting King Mondo's allies, finds out to his horror, that he's losing his powers as well as his strength. Pursued by Rita, Lord Zedd, and the Machine Empire who are all greedy for his powers, he finds hi...

Power Rangers Jungle Fury [32] Now The Final Fury

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Scorch is back again with an army of Rinshis invading the city. Dai Shi now has enough power to open a portal to the spirit world and brings back all of his fallen army. The Rangers are soon joined by all of the maste...

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